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image of Donna Gibson, Counsellor at The Bridge Counselling Service in Ipswich

Donna Gibson MBACP

Choosing someone you feel you can work with is a really important decision so you might be interested in finding out a little about me.

Many counsellors come to the profession as ‘wounded healers’ having encountered their own struggles.

My journey began following the death of someone very close to me and from my own experience of counselling which helped me to heal and grow.

My loss enabled me to see that I had the capacity to sit in the trenches with people during their own struggles.

In my counselling, what enabled me to heal and grow was the relationship between my counsellor and I which has been shown in research to be the greatest predictor of therapeutic success.

It was a relationship unlike others in my life. I was able to talk freely, without filter. My thoughts, feelings and behaviours were understood and I didn’t feel judged. Talking in an environment which felt safe, empowered me to make choices for myself and find my own way forward.

I love Maya Angelou’s quote ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’.

I take this spirit into my work and endeavour to offer a space in which the people I work with feel genuinely cared for, supported, understood and accepted.

In my down time I love reading, especially around what makes us tick and what gets in the way. I also enjoy good films from around the world, walking, meditating, being by the sea, spending time with loved ones and my two beautiful cats.

I would call myself an ambivert, in that I get a lot of pleasure from being with people but I also need to recharge by spending time on my own.

Qualifications and Experience

I  hold a Foundation Degree in Counselling and Diplomas in Therapeutic Counselling and Counselling Supervision.

I have worked with many people who have wanted to talk about a wide variety of issues including depression | anxiety | relationships | domestic abuse| sexual abuse| grief| loss| chronic illness| fertility| work stress| perimenopause | children


Being a member of professional body requires me to work within an ethical framework. 

You can find me on the BACP Register for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

Part of my commitment to ethical practice is to talk to a supervisor monthly.  This supports my wish to offer you the best service I can.

Quote about being a therapist by Carl Rogers on page learning about Donna Gibson MBACP