Welcome to The Bridge Counselling Service

The bridge can be seen as a metaphor for the counselling journey.  Getting across can at times feel scary, exciting, impossible, safe, exhausting, dangerous, exhilarating or wobbly but you don’t have to cross it alone.  Deciding to see a counsellor can be like choosing to have a companion on your journey.

Why choose The Bridge – counselling in Ipswich?

Here at The Bridge Counselling Service in Ipswich you will be offered person-centred counselling by Ipswich counsellor Donna Gibson. What makes this approach unique is trusting that we are all striving towards reaching our potential, even if it doesn’t always feel as though we are. We are human and we all face difficulties and experiencing a genuine, understanding and accepting relationship can help you during those times.

Why person-centred counselling?

As the quality of the relationship is the healing element, the person-centred approach to counselling is well placed to help with a wide range of issues. These include, but are not limited to:

Low self-esteem
Loss and bereavement
Relationship issues

What can you expect from me?

You will be offered a safe, warm and supportive environment where you have space to explore anything which feels important to you. Experiencing being deeply understood and accepted can help you gain insight and self-acceptance. We will work at your pace and you are fully in control of what we talk about.


Counselling in Ipswich | The Bridge Counselling Service | 2 Betts Avenue,

Martlesham Heath Business Park, Ipswich, IP5 3RH

With Ipswich Counsellor Donna Gibson FD (Open) MBACP

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