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Ipswich Counselling Blog | How to deal with shame

I want to write about shame this month because it’s an emotion which is on my radar at the moment both personally and often comes into my counselling service here in Ipswich. My relationship with shame is fairly new. That is to say being

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Ipswich Counselling Blog | Grief and Ritual: The Intention of Connection

A close family member of mine sadly died in 2009.  This week I would have been celebrating their 40th birthday.  Over the last couple of days I have found myself thinking about what it would have meant to have been able to

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I Believe You – The Importance of the Counselling Relationship in Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

Childhood sexual abuse is rarely out of the news these days.  In the last month the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse looking into what has gone wrong within institutions has been launched and members of a paedophile ring in

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Politics and change or politics of change?

I took part in an online conference on psychotherapy and global transformation a couple of days ago and I wanted to share with you some reflections I’ve had.  It was a timely conference in many ways because I have been thinking

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A compassionate approach to understanding anger and rage

I thought I’d write about anger this month because I’ve just finished reading a really interesting book on these often misunderstood emotions. How many of us think of anger as a negative emotion?   Perhaps you were raised in a family

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Domestic Abuse – Clients, Misconceptions and Counselling

I’m coming to the end of my time working at a local charity, counselling women who have been affected by domestic abuse and I’ve been taking some time to reflect on those I’ve worked with, the lack of empathy I sometimes

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Why choose person centred counselling?

In this month’s blog post I wanted to talk about the person centred approach to counselling. I offer this type of counselling because it aligns with my own views on human beings. I believe that we want the best for

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Christmas time, mistletoe and bleurgh!

Christmas is fast approaching isn’t it?  Children are finishing school for the year.  Adults are possibly taking a break from work.  For many it is a time of fun, relaxation and celebration but equally for many, Christmas is a difficult

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Grieving: Finding a New Normal

According to Wikipedia approximately 150,0001 people die across the globe each day.  It’s a given that we will all experience bereavement during our lives.  Perhaps you are drawn to reading this post because you are going through the grieving process

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Listening and empathy – The importance of feeling heard

Last week I posted a quote on my Facebook business page by Carl Rogers, an American Psychologist responsible for developing the Person-Centred Approach to counselling.  He said: A powerful quote and something to ponder in today’s society.  The idea

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